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Compost toilet
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How do you describe your solution?

Kompotoi toilets not only look good, but they are also environmentally friendly and absolutely odourless. We turn “human output” into a soil improver, closing an important natural cycle.

Kompotoi rents out “homely” wooden toilets, which are much more pleasant than the traditional plastic/chemical toilets. Kompotoi’s are handmade in Switzerland.


Kompotoi designs installations in public areas or for single and multi-family homes.


Kompotoi sells toilet solutions for summer houses, hunting or alpine huts.




Who are your customers? 

Our customers are event organisers, municipalities or private individuals who organise an event or need a solution for a private toilet.

What are the environmental benefits of your solution? 

With Kompotoi you go from being a consumer to a producer!


We need about 1/3 of our drinking water to flush the toilet. Kompotoi needs neither water nor electricity.


With the fertiliser, we produce we can save 9600L nitrogen = 5700 kg fuel oil with a 1% market share.


In einem Kilo Kompost wird durchschnittlich 0,2 kg CO2 gespeichert. Kompotoi produzierte 2019 rund 100 Tonnen Kompost = ca. 20’000 kg gespeichertes CO2. Wenn alle mobilen Toiletten der Schweiz als Komposttoiletten betrieben würden, könnten so 13‘200 Tonnen CO2 nachhaltig in den Böden gespeichert werden.

How do you manage to survive in the market? 

We offer a beautiful, user-friendly and sustainable alternative to plastic/chemical toilets. We have developed a better solution for the portable toilet sector than the traditional one. It is simple and obvious. That is why customers are enthusiastic about our product.



Nominated Solution: Komposttoilette

Company: Kompotoi AG

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