Green Business Switzerland
c/o Schweizerische Umweltstiftung
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6005 Luzern


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The “Green Business Award” stands for forward-looking cooperation between business and environmental protection.


“Green Business Switzerland” focuses on the positive connection between entrepreneurial success and sustainable action with the “Green Business Award”, among other things. Every year, we evaluate those leaders and solutions that impressively demonstrate this positive correlation. In this way, we want to inspire all entrepreneurs in Switzerland to take responsibility and to also use the great opportunities of corporate sustainability.


“Green Business Switzerland” is a forward-looking cooperation of key players from business and environmental protection. It is backed by the FOEN, go for impact, economiesuisse, öbu, Pusch, Scienceindustries, Swissmem, Swiss Textiles and WWF Switzerland, among others. The Swiss Environmental Foundation bears financial and operational responsibility.

It is an excellent opportunity for Switzerland that this prize can be awarded such broad support. Not least because these organisations of “Green Business Switzerland” represent politically different interests. The patronage cannot overestimate their joint commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.