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School furniture as a service
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How do you describe your solution? is committed to the circular economy: as a manufacturer, to master the whole cycle until the end of life and to be responsible for it, motivates to careful use of resources and to a concept that makes recycling and recovery an ecological and economical advantage. As the culmination of the circular economy, rental offers a flexible solution with extended service at fair prices.



Who are your customers? 

Our clients are schools at the communal, cantonal and federal level, purchasing centres and public schools.

What benefit does your solution bring to the environment? 

In the circular economy we are committed to conserving natural resources, extends the life span of products and reduces waste. Our sourcing strategy for our Swiss production and quality relies on regionality and sustainable raw materials. We build on recyclable sustainable materials, an in-house intelligent design and a single-sort construction that simplifies recycling.

Last but not least, offering school furniture as a service extends the useful life and guarantees the cycle.

How do you succeed in the market? 

Apart from price and quality, we,, as a Swiss manufacturer, are able to support and relieve school authorities with a reactive, flexible, fully comprehensive and long-term service.


We receive confirmation that quality, durability and sustainability reduce both the total cost of ownership and the environmental impact of a product.




Nominated solution: Schulmobiliar als Dienstleistung

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