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Filter integration
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How do you describe your solution?

In future, wood-burning stoves and boilers will have filter technology integrated and OekoSolve wants to become the market leader in this segment too. OekoSolve supports the stove manufacturers and provides engineering, kits and know-how to develop the optimal integration solution for each stove model as quickly as possible.





Who are your customers? 

Manufacturers of any type of wood combustion system such as boilers, stoves, fireplaces, regardless of whether the fuel is wood chips, pellets or lump fuel.

What are the environmental benefits of your solution? 

OekoSolve’s products have a direct impact on the environment. OekoSolve’s fine dust filters reduce the fine dust from wood fires by around 80%. This allows the clean use of wood, a regional, renewable and CO2-neutral energy source.

How do you manage to survive on the market? 

OekoSolve has a wide range of products and finances the development of new products from the proceeds of existing product lines.



Nominated Solution: Filterintegration

Company: OekoSolve AG

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