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How would you describe your solution?

DEPsys enables the digitalisation of the electricity grid to successfully increase the integration, production, consumption and management of clean energies. Its GridEye solution gives grid managers the intelligence, insights and control to better plan, manage and evolve their operations as the uptake of clean energies accelerates.




Who are your customers?

GridEye is bought by Distribution System Operators around the world, that seek to ensure that they can continue to operate their grid at high performance levels despite external disruption from decentralised and irregular energy production and consumption.

What are the environmental benefits of your solution? 

GridEye enables a direct reduction in CO2 emissions due to three factors: 1) right-sizing of the grid infrastructure which avoids unnecessary energy transportation and associated losses, 2) less manufacturing of infrastructure, and 3) ability to maximise the hosting of renewable energy production and consumption (leading to acceleration of energy transition)

How do you manage to exist on the market? 

Depsys is proud to be part of the shaping of the next generation of electricity distribution grids, making the transition to clean energy and the electrification of transportation a reality.



Nominated Solution: GridEye

Company: DEPsys SA

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