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«Green Business Award»

If we want to preserve our planet for future generations, the business must be part of the solution.


For the urgently needed changes, we need role models to guide decision-makers. The “Green Business Award” under the chairmanship of Doris Leuthard honours innovative companies that combine ecological innovations with economic success. A unique selection process via national business associations and environmental organisations guarantees that the most effective solutions are sought out each year.


With the “Green Business Award”, among other formats, “Green Business Switzerland” focuses on the positive connection between entrepreneurial success and sustainable action. Learn more about patronage.


Nominations are made through our nomination partners. Companies cannot apply directly.

Who can be nominated?

  • The focus is on innovative products, technologies, services or business models with lighthouse character.
  • Their environmental impact must be measurable or allow a credible estimate.
  • The solutions to be nominated must have successfully established themselves in the market (growth phase has been reached).
  • The social dimension of sustainability must not be negatively affected in the case of potential award winners.
  • The solutions must have a relevant connection to Switzerland as a business location.
  • Potential award winners must have the power to inspire people.


Excluded from participation are Administrations (exception: within the framework of public-private partnerships), NGOs and foundations, and sponsoring partners.


Legal recourse is excluded.


The best solutions are selected annually, employing a comprehensive judging process.



Award ceremony

The “Green Business Award” 2021 will be presented during the CE² Day.


Three finalists will present their solutions with an elevator pitch. Afterwards, the jury’s winner will be announced, and the “Green Business Award” will be officially presented.


“Circular Economic Entrepreneurs – CE²” is the platform launched by the NZZ connect. The aim is for innovative Switzerland to be perceived internationally as one of the leading nations in the field of the circular economy in just a few years.