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coatmaster Flex
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How would you describe your solution in a few words?

Our coating thickness measuring device coatmaster Flex is used in coating control processes (e.g. painting) to determine the thickness of a coating immediately after application. Thanks to the coatmaster Flex, our customers can save costs by safely reducing comfort margins on coating thickness, which leads to lower consumption of coating material and more efficient production processes.




Who are your customers?

Customers of coatmaster are coating line operators in diverse industries such as automotive, med-tech, construction and general industry.

What are the environmental benefits of your solution? 

By reducing comfort margins on coating thickness and saving coating material, our customers can reduce massively the CO2 emission as well as save energy with a more efficient coating curing process.

How do you manage to exist on the market? 

The coatmaster technology is unique on the market and yields high financial benefits to our customers. With our very easy-to-use coatmaster Flex handheld, this technology is now available to a huge market and can be easily implemented through a worldwide distribution network, allowing coatmaster AG to grow and expand rapidly.




Nominated Solution: coatmaster Flex

Company: coatmaster AG

Further Information:

Company founders Andor Bariska (l) and Prof. Dr. Nils A. Reinke (r). ©coatmaster



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