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Smart shower meter
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How would you describe your solution in a few words?

One minute in the shower consumes more energy than an average Swiss household uses for lighting or consumer electronics in a whole day. Amphiro provides real-time feedback on personal water and energy consumption directly in the shower.


As with step counters, people pay attention to feedback, set goals and try to playfully reach them. On average, one device leads to savings of 453 kWh and 110 kg of CO2 per year – as proven in a number of field studies, also named highlights by the prestigious journal Nature.



It pays for itself in less than 10 months through water & energy savings, is installed in less than a minute without any tools and does not require batteries but uses a tiny generator.

Who are your customers? 

All environmentally aware and technically affine households: Mostly customers with an age between 35 and 80 are interested in the solution, mostly with an above average income.


Hotels: as savings materialize also in settings where the person in the shower does not pay for water and energy.

What are the environmental benefits of your solution? 

The average savings per device amount to 453 kWh per year which is on par with the savings that result from the – much promoted & enforced – transition from incandescent light bulbs to LEDs for all bulbs in a household.


Hot water is generated most with fossil fuels (oil + gas). Regarding CO2, saving one kWh in hot water is much more relevant than saving one kWh of electricity in countries such as Switzerland.


The high carbon intensity of hot water with the current heating infrastructure (mix of gas, oil, solar, heat pumps) is 240g of CO2 per kWh, compared to electricity production with about 30g C02 per kWh. Each of Amphiro’s feedback devices thus leads to a CO2 reduction of 110 kg per year.

How do you manage to exist on the market? 

The large proven savings potential is attracting increasing interest among end customers as CO2 emission reduction is a key concern in today’s society. This was driving sales in the recent years and is gaining even more traction today.


By partnering with the faucet manufacturer Oras Group, Amphiro is prepared to tap the emerging market of digital faucets and services that are based on Amphiro’s core technology. Jointly with Oras Group, Amphiro is about to pioneer the digitalization of mass-market faucets and acts as front-runner to gain market leadership.


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