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Urban Sympheny
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How would you describe your solution in a few words?

Sympheny supports the planning of efficient energy systems for neighbourhoods, districts, and cities. Our software finds the optimal energy systems for any given site by finding, amongst the whole solution space, the combination of technologies which emits the lowest amount of CO2 for the lowest life-cycle costs.

Sympheny is the combination of an energy system digital twin and optimization algorithms, allowing to find the optimal energy systems combination for any given site © Urban Sympheny

Our powerful algorithms swift through thousands of solutions to find the optimal ones. Sympheny’s powerful algorithms also allow to integrate renewable energy sources in a reliable way. With Sympheny, the stakeholders directly have the quantitative data they need for taking informed decisions.

Who are your customers?

Sympheny’s target customers are engineering firms and local energy utilities which are dealing with increasingly complex projects for which the common spreadsheet approach does not allow to take advantage of crucial concepts for the energy transition, as sector coupling and decentralization.



What are the environmental benefits of your solution?

With our SaaS, our customers can calculate the costs for the ton of CO₂ saved and make well-founded decisions. Typically, energy system solutions are shown, which have 60-80% CO₂ savings compared to the most cost-effective solution. The additional price for such CO₂ minimal solutions is generally between 200-400 CHF/t CO₂.


Due to the high level of transparency in finding solutions, our customers often choose more ecological solutions. Due to the comprehensible additional price and the high reliability of the proposed solutions, our customers can quantitatively justify the added value of a CO₂-minimized solution (reputation, marketing, eligibility, etc.).

How do you manage to exist on the market?

Our customers are engineering firms and local energy utilities. This is an emerging and quickly growing market, strongly enhanced by political targets and with an especially strong demand for new approaches and new tools which Sympheny is uniquely positioned to provide.


Sympheny offers different subscription types targeted to different categories of customers. The type of license defines the number of parameters a users can use (e.g. number of hubs or number of optimization per week).



Nominated Solution: Web-App

Company: Urban Sympheny AG

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The Sympheny Team, with (from left to right) Matthias Sulzer (co-founder), Youssef Sherif, Boran Morvaj (co-founder), Carlos Pacheco, Julien Marquant (co-founder), Alice Chevrier, Johannes Haedicke, Andrew Bollinger (co-founder and CEO) and Moritz Amsler. © Urban Sympheny


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