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Fast and ecological spare parts delivery
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How do you describe your solution?

Schindler Aufzüge AG has outsourced the entire express logistics of its urgently needed spare parts to swissconnect ag. Thanks to an innovative transport solution, these now reach the place of use much more quickly, punctually and ecologically.




Who are your customers? 

Industrial companies from Switzerland want to offer their customers a high level of service by delivering spare parts quickly so that machine downtime does not last long.

What are the environmental benefits of your solution? 

Large amounts of CO2 are saved with every express delivery because of the use of combined transport. In addition, cars disappear from the motorways and city centres, making city centres more liveable and reducing congestion hours.

How do you manage to survive on the market? 

We offer a unique service. As a result, we deliver faster and more ecologically than any other courier service. Our solution pays off for the customer and for our 80 partner companies from all over Switzerland.



Nominated Solution: Expresslieferung von Ersatzteilen

Company: swissconnect AG

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