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Collection bag
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How do you describe your solution?

Collect mixed plastic waste at home in a bag and return it to the collection point. Then sort it into single-variety and mixed plastics. Regranulates are made from pure plastics to produce new products instead of virgin material. With the mixed plastics, flakes are produced and thermally used in the cement industry instead of coal to produce sustainable building products.




Who are your customers? 

Our customers are on the one hand all consumers who want to reduce their waste mountain by collecting plastics and on the other hand the plastics processing industry, which uses sustainably produced recycled plastics instead of new plastic material.

What are the environmental benefits of your solution?

We help to reduce waste mountains by deliberately recycling plastic waste instead of burning it in MSW incinerators and releasing CO2, using state-of-the-art technology to replace plastic virgin material and coal.

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How do you succeed in the market?

We sell consumers collection bags into which they can easily dispose of their household plastic packaging, turn them into new sustainable raw materials that replace the primary resources of oil and coal and sell these raw materials, which are in high demand, to the free economy, which in turn can show that they are prepared to replace fossil raw materials with alternatives = green economy.




Nominated Solution: Collection bag

Company: InnoRecycling AG

Further information:

The team behind Sammelsack (from left to right): project consultant Hanspeter Hösli, the two managing directors Marc Briand and Markus Tonner, project manager Beat Buchmann. © InnoRecycling