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Pesticide separator based on activated carbon
Creabeton Materiaux
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How would you describe your solution in a few words?

Plant protection products (PPPs) are used on agricultural land. Sprayers and containers with PPPs have to be cleaned regularly. Through our pesticide separator, a technical solution with granulated activated carbon was developed against the punctual input by wash water residues from the cleaning of sprayers and containers.

Innovative purification plant for pesticide-containing wash water © Creabeton Materiaux AG

This pesticide separator serves to retain undissolved substances by means of sedimentation / filtration and pesticides by means of adsorption on granulated activated carbon. The treated wash water can be reused, so that diffuse direct input into the environment is always prevented.

Who are your customers?

Especially in viticulture, fruit-growing, vegetable-growing and horticulture, plant protection products are used. The solution is suitable for medium to large farms and work yards that run a washing station for filling, cleaning equipment and store pesticides.



What are the environmental benefits of your solution?

Elimination of pesticides already before they enter the environment. The cleaned wash water can be reused. Quality of life of plants, animals and humans are improved, due to less soil and water pollution.

How do you manage to exist on the market?

Through innovation and technology. We have a technical solution that can treat large volumes of wash water regardless of the weather. It is a reliable modular system, which is user-friendly. The maintenance and disposal of the used material (activated carbon, filters) is done by our company, so that a safe disposal is regulated by a service contract.


Main feature: unique in Europe, efficiency > 99%, Swiss production, small area requirement and independent from the weather.



Nominated Solution: Pesticide separator based on activated carbon

Company: Creabeton Materiaux AG

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Sarah Schäfer Project Manager PSM-Separator; Marco Meuwly Head of Water Treatment © Creabeton Materiaux AG



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