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How would you describe your solution in a few words?

Since 2013, aquama®’s mission has been to enable everyone, private households and professionals alike, to make fully natural detergent and disinfectant solutions on their own, be it at home or at work. Eco-responsible, economical and efficient: the aquama® concept was born to change the future.


Just choose the machine you need, and you can replace up to 80% of your former detergents by making a fully natural solution yourself. aquama® is your best bet for a neutral carbon footprint when it comes to cleaning!



Who are your customers?

Our consumers range from housewives to technology geeks of all ages and also enterprises that participate in using an eco-friendly solution for their offices and for their business in general. The advantage with aquama® is that it is combining both the useful and the innovative.

What are the environmental benefits of your solution?

As we know, most chemical disinfectant and cleaning solutions are based on ethanol, therefore their negative impact on the environment is far greater than ours. In fact, aquama® is 99% less impactful with a carbon footprint of only 0.06 kg CO₂ in a year both from a usage and production standpoint.


Furthermore, if the solution were to be spilled in nature, the green and animals wouldn’t be put in danger since no harmful substances are left behind once it dries out.



How do you manage to exist on the market?

Each liter of solution produced by our machines (consumable) sold is automatically invoiced thanks to an Appstore / Googleplay store / Huawei app gallery application system). If aquama would replace chemistry, we would make 1.4 billion solutions per day.



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Company: aquama®

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“We already reduced by 500’000 Liters the pure chemical we currently use by aquama indigo solution. We strive to achieve several millions, even in the phytosanitary solutions.” Founder, CEO and Chairman of aquama® Willy Lionel Pomathios © aquama®



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