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Ecological Reusable Packaging
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How would you describe your solution in a few words?

The reCIRCLE concept is simple. It replaces disposable packaging for on-the-go catering with high-quality, washable, microwaveable, tight-fitting containers with lids already in 6 European countries. The products are Swissmade, made of durable plastic and after hundreds of uses, completely recyclable.

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The innovation is the combination between network, products and service. It is suitable for restaurateurs who want to pack their food and drinks in a stylish and sustainable way and for consumers who want to enjoy their food on the go without waste. Circular economy in everyday life, with the app also cashless!

Who are your customers?

The direct customers are catering establishments with on-the-go offerings. Without the acceptance of the consumers it would not work. That is why the reCIRCLE solution is B2B2C.



What are the environmental benefits of your solution?

Because washing up is generally more ecological than throwing away after a single use, reusable systems make sense. Even after just a few uses, eating and drinking from reCIRCLE products is more ecological. With one BOX, 200 disposable packages can be saved. Each disposable package produces about 100 grams of CO2, or 30 grams of plastic. So the calculation is quickly made!

How do you manage to exist on the market?

We are constantly increasing the reCIRCLE network, it is our main task. We have very practical, high quality products and wisely develop our range. We are actively communicating. We are a movement and a service, not a product sale.



Nominated Solution: Ecological Reusable Packaging

Company: reCIRCLE AG

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