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How would you describe your solution?

EarthColors® is Archroma’s patented solution for creating warm hues from nature.


These high-performance dyes are synthesised from non-edible agricultural or herbal waste such as almond shells, beetroot husks or cotton crops, with the edible part remaining available for food consumption.


EarthColors® are available in six warm colours, covering a range of natural shades for cellulose-based fibres such as cotton, viscose, linen, bamboo, kapok, hemp, etc. Thanks to smart technologies, they are fully traceable from the natural waste material to the shop.

Who are your customers?

EarthColors® are used by brands such as Esprit, Calida, Vaude, Patagonia, G-Star, Kathmandu, etc.



What are the environmental benefits of your solution?

EarthColors® technology helps to reduce the negative impact on water consumption and preserve human well-being, natural resources and climate change compared to conventional synthetic dyes * contributing to a circular economy.


(* Based on internal LCA comparative screening).

How do you manage to survive in the market?

Archroma has built a strong reputation as a reliable supplier of dyes and chemicals to enable textile manufacturers to optimise productivity and/or add value to their markets.


With this reputation, brands such as Esprit, Calida, Vaude, Patagonia, G-Star, Kathmandu, etc. have proudly highlighted that they use our technologies to improve the sustainability and innovation of their collections and items.



Nominated Solution: EarthColors®

Company: Archroma

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