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Hydrogen ecosystem for emission-free mobility
H2 Energy
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How do you describe your solution?

Through sector coupling and the use of its own resources, H2 Energy has managed to establish a commercially viable, holistic and scalable hydrogen ecosystem for heavy transport.


In cooperation with the H2 Mobility Promotion Association, a hydrogen filling station infrastructure was established where Hyundai fuel cell trucks designed for Switzerland can be refuelled with green hydrogen produced in Switzerland.


In order to find a cost-efficient and transparent solution for the customers, a pay-per-use model was developed, which allowed the system to be optimally adjusted.

Who are your customers?

The end customers for the fuel cell trucks are all operators of trucks who until now have only seen their needs met by diesel trucks.


Commissioning of the first Avia hydrogen filling station in St. Gallen after the first refuelling of a Hyundai truck. Both are elements of the mobility system for heavy transport implemented by H2 Energy. © H2 Energy

What are the environmental benefits of your solution?

By establishing the Swiss hydrogen ecosystem in the area of heavy goods transport, a contribution is made to the reduction of greenhouse gases and the decarbonisation of heavy goods transport. With an expected annual CO2 avoidance of 107,000 t in 2025, we are thus making a contribution of about 4% to the projected CO2 emissions of heavy-duty vehicles in Switzerland and helping to achieve our climate targets.


At the same time, the solution enables renewable energies to be integrated more efficiently into Switzerland’s energy economy and creates incentives for investment in renewable energy generation infrastructure.

How do you manage to survive in the market?

H2 Energy offers an environmentally friendly solution for heavy-duty transport that differs only slightly from diesel technology in operational terms, but at the same time is cost-neutral. In Switzerland, the framework conditions are such that we could achieve the goal. H2 Energy assumes that the costs for emissions will continue to rise in the future, which means that the costs for a fuel cell truck will fall below the costs of a diesel truck in the future.


Compared to battery-electric trucks, the FC truck differs in that it can drive longer distances with one refuelling and at the same time transport more payload.


Nominated Solution: Wasserstoff-Ökosystem für Emissionsfreie Mobilität

Company: H2 Energy

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The team behind H2 Energy. © H2 Energy