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How do you describe your solution?

Wingtra develops high-tech drones – fully autonomous, vertically launching & landing robots – to survey large places such as cities, roads, or fields. With robust control algorithms in all flight regimes, our drone combines the ease of use of multicopters with the range of fixed-wing drones while also offering the highest precision and data quality at a WingtraOne – the Aerial robots for efficient use of resourcesWingtraOne – the Aerial robots for efficient use of resources much lower cost.


We will enable multiple industries to optimize their resource allocation based on data generated by our drone. With its unique combination of precision, ease of use and reach, WingtraOne will become the leading tool for smart farming and help reduce 4.8 million tons of CO2.

Who are your customers?

Our main customers are professional surveyors. The WingtraOne enables surveyors to collect highly dense and accurate data of large areas at a fraction of the cost. We further sell to researchers and agronomists for smart farming applications.



What are the environmental benefits of your solution?

While the WingtraOne also helps reduce CO2 emissions through the substitution of manned flights, the bulk of its contribution comes from reduced fertilizer use in agriculture where it will help save more than 4.8 million tons of CO2. The reduction in fertilizer through WingtraOne deployment comes from precision descriptive maps where the need for fertilizer can be inferred from multispectral imaging. I.e. fertilizer will be distributed selectively, rather than equally.


With the same methods, Wingtra enables farmers to sustainably reduce water and herbicide by showing the level of aridity and level of infestation per exact location.

How do you manage to exist on the market?

Building a precision drone system that consistently and autonomously performs as predicted, produces the required data output, and is integrated into a value chain is very difficult. Thousands of companies have failed to achieve it, having underestimated the financial resources, soft- and hardware setup along with tens of thousands of flight logs needed. By now we have the long-range system with the best reliability and most traction along with a reseller network of 75 distributors.


To bring a competing system to this level is difficult. We undertake all needed investment to develop our product further and offer the best customer service in the industry to stay ahead of any competition.




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