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Varroa Kit
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How do you describe your solution?

The Vatorex Varroa Kit fights the biggest threat to honeybee populations, the varroa mite, through methods that are chemical-free and ongoing. We have developed an environmentally friendly and bee-friendly method to combat the Varroa mite by means of heat treatment (hyperthermia). This innovation represents a revolutionary breakthrough in Varroa mite control due to its reliability and side-effect free application.

Who are your customers?

Our customers are beekeepers. Our solutions are suitable for beginners, experienced hobby beekeepers as well as for commercial beekeeping operations.



What are the environmental benefits of your solution?

The most common method of varroa control is the use of specific pesticides called “miticides”. Not only do they collect in wax and pollute the hives of bees (called Poison House Syndrome), but these miticides have been linked to reduced bee immunity and bee fatalities. Studies have questioned their effectiveness as a long-term solution to varroa infestation.


The Vatorex Varroa Kit offers a chemical-free and organically certified way to combat the varroa mite. This technology assures healthier and more productive bees and a far better environmental impact.

What are the environmental benefits of your solution?

We create added value for the bees. Beekeepers benefit from this through greater honey yields and increased pollinator performance of their bees.


Vatorex does not currently operate at a profit, as we have opted to invest in the development of our technology suit to make it both a good economic and environmental investment for the target market.


Currently Vatorex is only partially financed by the sale of the technology. The additional financing needs will be covered by investors and pledges of support.



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