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How do you describe your solution?

FRAISA ReTool® is our efficient, all-round service for the industrial reconditioning of precision tools. Using the very latest technologies available, we recondition worn tools and restore them to their original performance level. This enables unrestricted reuse of the tools, extends their life cycle, and reduces their ecological footprint.


FRAISA ReTool® industrial tool reconditioning saves approx. 60 tonnes of tungsten and cobalt carbide per year. This makes a substantial contribution to the recycling of relevant raw materials and the reduction of carbon emissions in the mechanical engineering sector.

Who are your customers?

FRAISA ReTool® is marketed globally. The core market is Europe.


Our customers come from industries that place high demands on precision tools. Apart from a number of big-name clients, we serve mainly SMEs in the aerospace, mechanical engineering and medical equipment sectors.



What are the environmental benefits of your solution?

Every tool reconditioned by the FRAISA ReTool® service means one less new tool that needs to come through the complex manufacturing process – from extraction of the raw materials to production of the carbide rods.


Together with the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, FRAISA conducted and compiled an environmental audit in 2020. Based on this analysis, approx. 6 kg of carbon emissions are avoided per reconditioned precision tool solely by not having to produce the raw materials that would otherwise be required.

How do you manage to exist on the market?

FRAISA ReTool® is more than just good for the environment. This service also brings important savings for customers. For a typical cutting tool, these savings amount to around 40%.


At the same time, we guarantee our customers the following benefits:

1. Guaranteed restoration of the original performance level and tool life

2. Minimization of material removal: we ensure that only as much material is ground down during reconditioning as necessary

3. Support in optimizing the process


At the same time, we maximize customer convenience by combining this service with our all-round, carefree handling and logistics package.



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