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tide ocean
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How do you describe your solution?

Plastic waste pollutes the world’s oceans. tide ocean collects the waste and turns it into a valuable raw material. Disposable plastic is thus turned into long-lasting products.




Who are your customers? 

Environmentally conscious companies that manufacture products from plastic and want to find sustainable solutions and contribute to environmental protection.

What are the environmental benefits of your solution?

#tide ocean material has a double positive impact on the environment: 1. we free the oceans from harmful plastic waste. 2. this saves fossil resources, less new plastic has to be produced.

Shoelace Sneakerness X #tide. © tide ocean


How do you succeed in the market? 

The demand for sustainable materials and products with an added value is steadily increasing. We can see that this is particularly true for consumers from a large number of enquiries from well-known companies who would like to manufacture products from #tide ocean material.



Nominated Solution: #tide

Company: tide ocean SA

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The founders of #tide (from left to right): Marc Krebs, First Officer, and CEO Thomas Schori. © Pino Covino



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