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Smart Lease
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How do you describe your solution?

Smart mattresses for the hotel industry: Since 2011, Elite has expanded its product range with a new product for the hotel industry. We rent mattresses with sensors that register movement and position. Only beds that are actually occupied are charged. Smart Lease is based on the principle of economy and functionality. The hotelier benefits from great financial flexibility and can offer exceptional beds to the increasingly demanding and environmentally conscious guests.



Who are your customers? 

Our customers are 3-star, 4-star and 5-star hotels, guesthouses, specialist retailers, building planners, architects, interior decorators, EMS, clinics, yachts, mobile homes, private aircraft.

What are the environmental benefits of your solution? 

With Smart Lease, we sell the use of a product and not the product itself. This idea is in line with Elite’s DNA, because when you sell the use of a product, it is necessary to offer a long-lasting quality product. This system, based on the durability of the product sold rather than its obsolescence, is the fundamental principle of the circular economy. Smart Lease takes care of beds and mattresses throughout their life cycle, from manufacture to recycling.

How do you manage to survive on the market? 

Thanks to its unique financing formulas, Smart Lease (leasing) and Elite Finance (instalment), Elite offers solutions for all budgets. Products cannot be sourced from a catalogue; our consultants accompany customers and help find the best possible solution for their furnishings. A sample room can be provided to show the quality of our beds and mattresses.


Elite offers a delivery and installation service, and the old beds are taken back and recycled. The showrooms in Switzerland and abroad give the company permanent visibility and allow customers to discover Elite before they decide on a product.





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