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Swiss Energy Planning
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How do you describe your solution?

We present daily updated infrastructure data from different sources on one platform and thus enable simple and quick identification and use of synergies and potentials on building and neighbourhood level. Our goal is to provide the actors and decision-makers in the energy transition with the right tools and information to master the challenges in the process towards a sustainable energy supply.
sustainable energy supply.




Who are your customers? 

Swiss Energy Planning serves the whole ecosystem around buildings and energy in Switzerland. Clients are interested in serving their customers or properties and in finding new ones.


What are the environmental benefits of your solution? 

Swiss Energy Planning makes the energy transition digital, collaborative and simple. The online platform brings together daily updated building and energy data in one place and makes it available to users in functions tailored to their needs. SEP knows where there is a need for action in Switzerland’s building stock and provides environmentally friendly solutions and products with all the decision-making bases they need to contribute to the energy transition in these places.


We enable cleantech products at the right time in the right place, the planning and tracking of sustainability strategies for real estate owners and the identification and processing of information needs on the topic of the energy transition for energy suppliers.

How do you succeed in the market? 

Users of Swiss Energy Planning do not know of any comparable services that are as familiar with the Swiss building stock. The phase in which the building and energy sector currently finds itself is bringing about major changes, and the platform helps to make the necessary decisions with the best possible basis of information.


The status quo says that these decisions can also be made without SEP. SEP says that with a sound basis for decision-making, a company creates a better starting position for the future.



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