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How do you describe your solution?

Pickwings is a platform for transport services in Switzerland that connects goods shippers and transport companies in real-time. This makes it possible to easily create transport orders within seconds and send them according to the matching principle with the largest online delivery network with more than 6,000 trucks.

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Who are your customers?

Our clientele consists of SMEs and large companies from all sectors. More than 2,000 Swiss companies now use Pickwings for the transport of goods. With this type of goods shipment, our customers support a sustainable and ecological transport option for supplying their customers.


Welchen Nutzen bringt Ihre Lösung für die Umwelt? 

How does your solution benefit the environment?

Every fourth truck on Swiss roads is empty. The Pickwings business model is designed to use the empty kilometres of transport companies to enable the CO2-optimised shipment of goods by road.

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Since 2020, Pickwings has been awarding the “Green Transport Label” to companies that have made a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions and empty kilometres on Swiss roads by placing their transport orders. With every transport order, Pickwings customers can also donate a tree seedling of their choice for one franc.

How do you manage to survive in the market? 

More and more companies are turning to contemporary, digital options for the transport of goods. Pickwings creates added value for all participants in the supply chain and sets new aspects for sustainable road transport. Through digitalised processes and real-time connection to the transport market, goods shippers save up to 20% freight costs and 50% administration. Transport companies benefit from increased utilisation and a reduction in empty kilometres as well as from the free digitalisation of their fleet on a public marketplace.



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