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Waste to Value with high voltage
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How do you describe your solution?

High voltage pulse generators developed by SELFRAG are used to achieve the release of raw materials trapped in the waste slag. High quality metals & other recyclable materials can be returned to the cycle.




Who are your customers? 

Waste recycling plants (special-purpose associations), landfills, private recyclers of waste slag.

What are the environmental benefits of your solution?

  • At least 720kg CO2 /tonne of processed slag saved through high metal and mineral recovery rates.
  • Halving of landfill mass by combining SELFRAG with screening and sorting methods; thus also non-reactive materials, e.g. glass, ceramics, additives for the cement industry are recovered
  • Plants are installed directly at or near the waste incineration plants, no unnecessary transport routeswonnen

How do you manage to survive on the market?

Offer the best solution for the environment, cooperate with legislators, authorities, associations.



Nominated solution: Waste to Value with high voltage


Further information:

Scoria – the new, fully continuous, modular production plant for the transport and crushing of bulky materials such as industrial slags. © SELFRAG