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Linenyarn out of Swiss flax
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How would you describe your solution?

SwissFlax GmbH is the link between Emmental farmers and the linen market. In this function, SwissFlax buys the flax straw from the farmers and organises the further processing from mechanical unwinding to spinning the fibres into high-quality yarn. If necessary, we also organise the twisting and dyeing of the yarns. Our main task is the marketing of our products.


“SwissFlax GmbH has set itself the goal of rebuilding and industrializing the value chain for Swiss flax.”

Who are your customers?

Creation Bauman
– Rigotex AG
– Textil AG Huttwil
– Schwob AG
– Lanz-Anliker AG
– Mill Landshut
– Kleeb AG Mill
– Kramis Carpet AG
– Rotauf
– Eggimann Paul
– Heimatwerk Haslital
– Tessanda Val Müstair
– Foundation Lebensart Bärau

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What are the environmental benefits of your solution?

Hardly any other economic sector is as sharply characterized by globalization as the textile industry – the negative ecological and social consequences of this development are well-known.


SwissFlax is dedicated to the idea of sustainability and based on the concept of again building up local value creation chains for textile production. Agricultural variety, work close to nature and earnings opportunities for the region are good reasons for this, together with short transport routes, controlled cultivation and Swiss quality awareness.


Accordingly, a product is developed together with nature and, incidentally, a flowering flax field is a feast for the eyes and good for pollinating insects.

How do you manage to exist on the market?

The idea behind SwissFlax is well-thought-out and meets the demands of our time on several levels: for regionality, for environmentally friendly agriculture, for fair wages, for transparent supply chains, for natural materials, for durability and for quality products.



Nominated Solution: Linenyarn out of Swiss flax

Company: SwissFlax GmbH

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