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Globalance World
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How would you describe your solution in a few words?

Globalance World is an open source-platform for investors of all kinds who can use it to independently examine the future viability and sustainability of their investments. It allows an “X-ray view” of the assets and helps the user to better understand the complex interrelationships of finan-cial investments and their effects by means of interactive infographics.

Globalance World: Transparency with a click © Globalance Bank

Globalance World – a kind of “Google Earth” for investors and all other interested stakeholders – is an independent resource. Globalance has set a new global benchmark for transparency and innovation in wealth management.

Who are your customers?

GBW is for all individuals, family offices as well as foundations and companies. They are responsible investors who have the need to do more than just move money around: they expect a return in line with the market on the basis of positive results for the economy, society and the environment.



What are the environmental benefits of your solution?

Globalance World achieves the greatest positive impact through the future-fit allocation of all users’ assets to sustainable investments in all asset classes.

How do you manage to exist on the market?

As a “pure-play” boutique for sustainable and forward-looking asset management, our offering, strategy and culture are in line with our operating principles of future orientation, impact, sustainability and transparency.


No competitor implements these principles with comparable consistency. Our innovative, unprecedented transparency is also recognized by independent third parties. In addition, we have been a pioneer in this market segment for more than 25 years.



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“Sustainable Finance meets Gaming”: Innovation thanks to teamwork from a wide range of disciplines © Globalance Bank