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CO2 Recycling
Mibelle Group
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How would you describe your solution?

Mibelle Group uses “ethanol from CO2 recycling” in its cleaners. The raw material is obtained directly from exhaust gases that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas, using the fermentation process of the startup LanzaTech.


Global environmental issues require a fundamental shift in feedstock production, away from fossil or plant-based feedstocks such as petroleum or palm oil.


CO2 enters the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas in many places. With CO2 recycling technology, it is converted directly into ethanol, forming a feedstock for many other raw materials, such as plastics for packaging or surfactants for shampoos.

Who are your customers?

The consumer in Europe / USA demands products, where the raw materials used, do not cause environmental damage. He is well informed and wants to avoid problematic raw materials as a matter of principle. Sustainability is an important purchasing argument and a key differentiator for retailers.

Mibelle Group’s cleaning products contain ethanol from CO2 recycling © Mibelle Group


What are the environmental benefits of your solution?

CO2 recycling turns harmful greenhouse gas into valuable raw materials. Industrial waste gases that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere as greenhouse gases are transformed into raw materials that previously required fossil or plant-based starting materials to produce:

  • fewer pollutants are released into the environment, the greenhouse effect is reduced
  • no agricultural land is needed for extraction, biodiversity is protected
  • hardly any water is used in the production process, the resource is conserved


The technology of CO2 recycling can be applied to many raw materials in the future. The use of ethanol in cleaners is an important first step.

Wie schaffen Sie es, auf dem Markt zu bestehen?

As a MIGROS industrial company, Mibelle Group is committed to sustainability and the pioneering spirit of our founder. Our Purpose is ” We pioneer everyday wellbeing to make the ordinary extraordinary.”


We develop products in the areas of Personal Care&Beauty, Home Care and Nutrition. Consumer well-being is our overarching goal. Our innovative concepts and solutions are precisely tailored to customer and consumer needs.


We have a strong presence in Europe, but it is important for us to develop global markets. Internationalization helps us to expand experience and accelerate progress.



Nominated Solution: CO₂ Recycling

Company: Mibelle Group

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The team behind the solution (from left to right): Regina Achermann, Christian Lübke, Susanne Heldmaier, Bernd Söllner © Mibelle Group

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