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Urban Mining
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How do you describe your solution?

Construction devours large quantities of resources. Sand and gravel in particular are sought-after raw materials. At the same time, construction waste is the largest waste stream in Switzerland. Today we are able to produce secondary raw materials from this waste stream, which are further processed into quality building materials.


In the future, new houses will have to be built from old houses. In this way, we will sustainably eliminate the largest waste stream in Switzerland.

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Who are your customers?

Our end customers are the builders in Switzerland. Every builder has the power to decide which building materials he wants to use to build his house. The city of Zurich serves as a great role model here, consistently relying on building materials with a high proportion of secondary raw materials. And this has been the case for over 15 years.


What are the environmental benefits of your solution?

  1. We eliminate the largest waste stream in Switzerland
  2. We conserve primary resources
  3. We conserve the already scarce landfill volumes


How do you manage to survive on the market? 

We rely on quality building materials made from secondary raw materials. We can only survive on the market if our recycled building materials have the same properties as the primary building materials. This requires high-quality processing. We guarantee the building owner the sustainability bonus without compromising on quality.



Nominated Solution: Urban Mining

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