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Sustainable catering solution
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Because food is a matter of trust

menuandmore is a renowned and multi-certified catering provider specialising in the preparation and distribution of healthy, child-friendly and sustainable menus for school and crèche lunches.


Taking responsibility for the environment and society

In a time with regularly recurring food and animal husbandry scandals and daily news about the global exploitation of people and resources, menuandmore takes responsibility as a company. For tomorrow’s generation, we must treat our environment and society with respect and care today. For menuandmore, acting ethically and sustainably is not only a human duty but rather a business necessity. Because only if the environment and society remain healthy in the long term can companies also develop successfully.


The vision is clear: menuandmore wants to be the leading and most responsible catering provider for lunch counters in German-speaking Switzerland. The idea of sustainability runs like a red thread through all levels and processes. In addition, menuandmore actively communicates its concerns to the outside world. It is particularly important that they only communicate what they themselves live out of deepest conviction: the joy of fresh, healthy food for children and young people and the responsible treatment of our environment and society.

Reducing the environmental impact in Switzerland through smart menu design.


Through its business activities, menuandmore has an influence on the menu design of over 460 lunch counters in German-speaking Switzerland. In line with their vision, they want to use this influence positively and thus contribute to reducing the environmental impact of food in Switzerland.


With an attractive vegetarian share of the offer, menuandmore can reduce orders of meat products and thus reduce the consumption of animal products by customers without losing sales. This can reduce the massive environmental impact of meat.


The growth of menuandmore in recent years has also been used explicitly to significantly increase and finance the share of organic and fair trade products. The share is currently over 20 per cent. All fish offered in the menus carry the MSC or ASC label.


menuandmore pays attention to the use of fresh and high-quality, seasonal ingredients from the region. The dairy products used, the processed free-range eggs and the meat and poultry come exclusively from Switzerland.


Furthermore, menuandmore only uses healthy Swiss rapeseed oil and no products containing palm oil. This makes it the first completely palm oil-free catering provider in Switzerland. In addition, no airfreight products are used at all. Even the cooling of the latest transport vehicles is supported by solar cells.

Catering solution for lunch tables


The sustainable catering solution was developed to meet the needs of children and adolescents who attend a lunch table at a crèche, municipal or public school. menuandmore operates exclusively in the German-speaking part of Switzerland.


The child-specific menu planning is done in collaboration with a nutritionist, always seasonal and according to the latest nutritional standards as well as the guidelines of the school health services of the city of Zurich.


The gentle preparation is always true to the recipe, separate and suitable for children, i.e. reduced fat, sugar and salt and without alcohol or hot and exotic spices.

The company behind the solution

The foundation stone of menuandmore was laid over 100 years ago – with the Volksküche Zurich, which was founded in 1879 for feeding the poor. On the day of mobilisation, 2 September 1939, the current building at Escher-Wyss-Platz in Zurich was inaugurated and occupied. In 1968, the Volksküche was renamed Stadtküche. By the end of the 1990s, the social institution had developed into a catering business with a turnover of around 10 million Swiss francs. Employees who were difficult to place on the labour market also found work in the kitchen area.


At the turn of the millennium, new paths had to be taken due to high deficits. After its founding in 2004, Menu and More AG successfully took over the marketing of the city kitchen’s products and in 2010, after a yes vote by the people of Zurich, integrated the former Volksküche into the company. To this day, the owners of the AG are the city of Zurich and the Eldora Group (formerly DSR Group).


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