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CityCat 2020ev
Bucher Municipal
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Tradition meets innovation

The world’s first all-electric compact sweeper in the 2-m3 class sets standards in terms of noise reduction, zero emissions and efficiency, without compromising on performance for inner-city area cleaning.


World-first CityCat 2020ev – a zero-emission all-electric sweeper

World-first CityCat 2020ev – a zero-emission all-electric sweeper

Increasing globalisation, growing megacities and the associated environmental impact in terms of CO2, particulate matter and noise pollution have prompted Bucher Municipal to assume the responsibilities of a globally active company and develop the world’s first all-electric compact sweeper in the 2-m³ class for use in the professional area cleaning.


Particular emphasis was placed on making the switch from a conventional sweeper to an electric vehicle as simple and uncomplicated as possible. This was the only way to ensure that the product would meet with broad acceptance on the market. For this purpose, electrification was implemented on the basis of the CityCat 2020, which has been tested in the market for years.


A single sweeper can save around 26 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year (© Bucher Municipal)Neither payload, suction nor sweeping performance were restricted as part of the electrification. Special attention was paid to the compatibility of ecology and economy. Thus, the CityCat 2020ev is significantly quieter, completely emission-free and, in the long run, more cost-effective than vehicles with a combustion engine. Thanks to the elimination of fossil fuels and the lower maintenance, service and repair costs, the operating costs are around 75% lower than for conventional diesel vehicles.


At the heart of the vehicle is a maintenance-free, high-performance 56 kWh lithium-ion battery, which enables the use of a complete shift of up to 8 hours.


Powerful 56kWh lithium-ion battery (© Bucher Municipal)All three main components – the traction drive, the hydraulic unit motor and the fan motor – have been electrified, with the latter providing the vacuum in the hopper to suck up the debris.


The electric vehicle makes sweeping in the city a quiet and clean affair

The vehicle was developed for customers who want to invest in sustainable, responsible and cost-reducing technology.


Urban use plays a central role here, as it is here in particular that the burden in terms of noise and emissions is at its highest. The driver benefits directly from the reduction of noise and vibrations. But that’s not all: when operating at night or in the early hours of the morning, sweeping at rush hour is no longer necessary, which enables faster cleaning. Residents also benefit from this. They are hardly disturbed by the cleaning process.

The company behind the solution

Bucher Municipal is a leading global supplier of municipal vehicles for cleaning and clearing public and private traffic areas. The product range includes sweepers, winter maintenance equipment and refuse and sewer cleaning vehicles. Bucher Municipal vehicles feature high cleaning performance, ease of operation, low maintenance costs and high environmental compatibility in all climatic conditions.



We consciously take our responsibility for cleanliness and safety on roads and in public spaces towards society and nature and consistently focus on functional technology, environmental friendliness and driving comfort.


Nominated Solution: CityCat 2020ev

Company: Bucher Municipal AG

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