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Turning waste into value

Thanks to FluidSolids proprietary technology you are now able to make custom biocomposites.


What are FluidSolids® biocomposites?

Revolutionary solutions are needed in order to solve the global plastic problem. Every year the amount of waste neither used nor recycled rises. As mountains of waste grow, the acceptance to embrace new and radical solutions is on the rise.


FluidSolids AG has developed a proprietary technology to produce biodegradable composites from the residuals of renewable raw materials. The technology enables a radical implementation of the circular economy and has only a minimal impact on the environment.


Turning waste into value is an economic and an ecological approach resulting in a true sustainable solution that:


— does not contain any petrol-based plastics
— is saving up to 80% of CO2 emissions
— is no competition for agricultural land
— is home compostable
— has a massively reduced environmental impact
— features excellent mechanical properties

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How does it work?

The technology starts where other business operations end and adds a brand-new production cycle to the circular economy. The biocomposites are made up from agricultural and industrial residuals such as cellulosic fibers, a natural binder matrix and natural additives. Using natural wastes such as nutshells, wood fibers, corn cobs, cardboard, hemp, cotton, spent coffee grounds or paper – to name some – does not compete with agricultural land.


In comparison with other plastics – whether bio-based or not – the biocomposites from FluidSolids are a cut above the rest in terms of total environmental impact and enables CO2 savings of up to 80%. The material can be processed using traditional industrial mass production processes.

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Who benefits from the technology?

Innovative companies striving to make a substantial contribution to reducing environmental pollution and reducing their CO2 footprint by substituting biodegradable biocomposites for conventional, petroleum-based plastics.

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Customers that are pursuing a consistent sustainability strategy coupled with cost optimization have two possibilities for using the biocomposites. Either by developing a customer-specific or by using a standard formulation. In both cases they profit today from the material that satisfies existing and
forthcoming legislations.

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Material development and production

In addition to standard formulations, also customer specific formulations are being developed and produced. Starting from the type of residue all the way to the desired characteristics of the newly produced materials. These are tailored to customers‘ specifications with regards to color, fibers, surface finish or mechanical characteristics. The resulting materials are extremely flexible and can easily be integrated into existing manufacturing processes.

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Part manufacturing

To meet global clients’ toughest demands in terms of performance, sustainability and design, components and parts are being developed and manufactured in OEM quality. From small-sized to global mass production FluidSolids AG remaining your direct contact throughout.

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Meet the team!

Chemists, engineers, materials scientists, plastics technologists, designers and supply chain managers: since the company’s formation in 2011 an interdisciplinary team has been working tirelessly to hone our technology to perfection – whether on the workshop floor or in meeting rooms.



At the pilot plant based in Zürich the team develops and produces bespoke sustainable alternatives for a variety of applications like packaging, consumer electronics, retail, furniture or technical components.


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