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eSMART home automation platform
eSMART Technologies
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For sustainable and connected buildings

eSMART provides the professional platform for eco-friendly and connected buildings. It connects the building infrastructure to the world of connected objects.


Today’s struggle of real estate owners

The real-estate owners face a triple challenge today:


  1. Market price of apartments for sale and rent decreases
  2. Eco-friendly pressure increases
  3. Home-automation is more and more requested (comfort/ security)


eSMART creates a solution that makes life better at home without taking too much away from the planet. The system created allows a simplified handling of eco-friendly buildings and provides connected functionalities enabling the reduction of the operational costs and consumption



The ideal home automation platform to efficiently manage your home

The system provides the 3 key functions of the building infrastructure: video intercom, temperature regulation and energy metering for billing. These functions are provided on an intuitive smart-screen, enabling other features: energy efficiency, security, comfort… Thanks to its disruptive technology, the system is easily installed in either new construction or in existing buildings.


The eSMART home automation platform is ideal to efficiently manage your home: from the inside, on a dashboard or on distance, from a smartphone. It’s so small and smart that it fits behind the plugs and light switches. It doesn’t require any specific wiring or radio communication.

© eSmart

The eSMART platform is made of a 10 inches dashboard that interacts with tiny smart-modules, placed behind switches. The modules communicate with each other through the electrical network and provide automation functionalities without specific wiring.


Thanks to our distributed intelligence and patented communication algorithm, the system is modular and reliable. Its components can be remotely upgraded. The functionalities range from standard ones, blind and light control, to more advanced ones, such as security or predictive maintenance.

eSmart Micro-modules are setup behind switches and meters, with no additional cables, radio or line bus. The devices communicate via the existing wiring (© eSmart)

eSMART created a solution that connects all the key functions which makes an easy and intuitive user’s experience, while being affordable. Competitors of the company are spread between manufacturers of videophones, heating/cooling and energy metering but neither of them can be connected together, flexible or cost effective.


For a sustainable, responsible building industry

eSMART collaborates with many different actors in the building industry, such as estate developers, electricians, architects and consulting engineers. Surrounded by a constant evolving environment with cars, smartphones, bank account or even home cinema, any real-estate owner or occupant expect to be able to easily manage their apartment with one click.


With its versatility, eSMART can equip from a single villa, to big eco-friendly neighbourhoods to renovated residential building.



Meet the company behind the solution

The eSMART adventure started in 2009 when Fabrizio Lo Conte and Laurent Fabre were doctoral researchers at the EPFL and realized that automatic control systems of buildings, even in an advanced form, could only be integrated into new buildings and above all, were barely affordable.


The challenge was accepted with the aim of developing a simple, easily accessible and user-friendly building automation system.


Later that year, the first installation was completed at the EPFL, where the spin-off had been commissioned to facilitate the visualization of energy consumption for the entire floor of one building.


Shortly afterwards, the project appeared on the covers of specialist magazines and eSMART was soon contacted by the construction company Losinger-Marazzi, one of the major players in the field of building construction in Switzerland, and part of the multinational group Bouygues (133,456 collaborators in 80 countries).


A partnership was established to equip the largest eco-district in French-speaking Switzerland, Eikenott in Gland, with a building automation system. eSMART finalised the installation of this system at the end of 2013 and is now the Swiss Leader with more than 4’000 apartments sold.


Today eSMART is made of a young and dynamic team of 33 employees all around Switzerland.


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