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Upcycling SBB Lockers
SBB and 89grad
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How would you describe your solution in a few words?

Upcycling digitalizes the existing lockers without the need to replace the existing working infrastructure. The locking mechanism is controlled with our own innovative solution and connects the lockers to our cloud backend. Now customers can control and pay for their lockers from their smartphone. An administration portal enables remote support and monitoring and real-time analysis.


The upcycled lockers offer a wide range of possibilities expanding the existing usage for luggage storing. New use cases are now possible (Click+Collect, parcel services, Sharing-Economy or Micro-Mobility).

Who are your customers?

Direct customers of our solutions are owners of analog, massive lockers (e.g. the SBB). The users are commuters, event and festival visitors, tourists, business customers and leisure travelers, and companies that want to store goods temporarily or hand them over contactless.



What are the environmental benefits of your solution?

The environmental impact, the CO₂ footprint and the cumulative energy consumption of the upcycling of SBB locker systems is around 80% lower compared to the procurement of new locker systems. From an environmental point of view, the resource-conserving upcycling of lockers is clearly preferable to the procurement of new lockers.


Over the useful life of 25 years, this results in a lower environmental impact amounting to 12.2 million environmental impact points.


If the environmental impact is calculated per locker instead of per entire system, the environmental impact of upcycling is 5% lower than that of new locker systems.

How do you manage to exist on the market?

The lockers are located in the best accessible and most central location. They are robust and secure. Many thousand people pass through these locations every day. Upcycling makes it possible to further increase the profitability of existing facilities by adding value for the customer (cashless payment, contactless transfer of goods).


Thanks to the cooperation between SBB and 89grad, we have all the competencies in software and hardware development, as well as business model innovation. This allows us to quickly build prototypes, test them on the market and improve them based on market feedback, so that a rapid market launch of new products is possible.




Nominated Solution: Upcycling SBB Lockers

Company: SBB and 89grad

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Above from left to right: Ramun Hofmann (Project initiator and visionary, 89grad), Yves Wyder (Project manager and upcycler, 89grad), Catherine Schweizer (Product Management Locker Systems, SBB AG) Centre from left to right: Michael Guggisberg (Sustainability and Business Analyst,  89grad), Abdelrahman Moustafa (User Frontend Developer, 89grad), Men-Duri Guetg (Product and project marketing, SBB AG), Jérémie König (Repair centre staff, SBB AG) Bottom left to right: Heike Kiefer (Circular Economy Lab, SBB AG), Remo Schläppi (Hardware and Embedded Engineer, 89grad), Michael Bartelt (Specialist locker systems, SBB AG), Florian Baumgartner (IT Architect and Hardware Engineer) © SBB und 89grad