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Teak Impact Investment
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How would you describe your solution in a few words?

With our Teak Impact Investment concept, investors not only aim for a financial return from the timber proceeds, but also finance nature conservation projects in Ecuador. For every hectare of teak, half a hectare of nature reserve is created, half of which is active natural reforestation and the other half conservation of valuable secondary forests. A measurable, positive effect is thus guaranteed. As an Investor you buy already planted seedlings. We ensure that these are professionally and sustainably cared for. Within 20 years, the wood is sold in several harvests and the net proceeds from the trees are transferred to the tree owners.

Who are your customers?

Mostly private individuals who want to diversify their portfolio in a sustainable way.
Impact investors for whom measurable, positive impact is as important as return.
Individuals who want to make a meaningful gift to their descendants and loved ones.



What are the environmental benefits of your solution?

In addition to promoting wood as a renewable resource, the associated nature conservation projects protect and reforest the severely threatened tropical moist forest in Ecuador. The focus here is on promoting biodiversity and protecting the climate. At the same time, the protected, still existing forests as well as the natural reforestation have a positive effect on the local microclimate, water sources are preserved and the soil is protected from erosion.

How do you manage to exist on the market?

Unfortunately, there are very few investment opportunities where the positive impact is as important as the return. In this niche, we offer a solution that really lives up to the name Impact Investment. The offer is suitable for people for whom it is important that their invested money has a positive impact at the same time.



Nominated solution: Teak Impact Investment

Company: Arbofino AG

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Arbofino Team in Ecuador with Dominic Ziegler, Founder and CEO Arbofino AG