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Sustainable-innovative clothing
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The high-quality Swiss fashion label Muntagnard focuses on minimizing waste, degradable materials, durability and recycling. Muntagnard offers a repair service and their value chain is traceable.



How would you describe your solution in a few words?

By combining degradable materials to create long-lasting, high-quality classics and other circular business models, we are working on the future of the textile industry.

Who are your customers?

Basically anyone who would like to dress with more sustainable products but doesn’t want to forego comfort, quality or style.

Circular design approach



What are the environmental benefits of your solution?

By aligning ourselves with the circular economy, we focus on minimizing waste:

  • use of degradable materials (less microplastics, clean production processes & chemical handling)
  • conception of recyclable materials/products (monofiber constructions)
  • repair offerings

and everything that goes with it.


Of course, the value chain is also traceable to ensure as best as possible that ethical and ecological conditions are adhered to.

How do you manage to exist on the market?

By focusing on the highest quality and always improving product quality. As a Swiss brand with a credible, sustainable approach and award-winning product innovations, we want to continue working to become more widely known as a leader in circular economy and high-quality, beautiful products.



Nominated solution: Credible sustainable-innovative clothing

Company: Muntagnard AG

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The two founders of Muntagnard (Romansh for “mountain person”) , Dario Pirovino and Dario Grünenfelder © Muntagnard