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Solution INNERGIA®
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How would you describe your solution in a few words?

Innergia offers public authorities a solution to achieve the energy transition based on the financing of public and private infrastructure by Swiss pension funds, without debt or recourse to public funds. Public authorities benefit from neutral expertise and risk management to integrate all technologies appropriate to their needs. Beyond the first project, they are supported in the implementation by local construction businesses of a long-term vision towards greater energy independence. While keeping control over their infrastructures, managed in a transparent way by involving the citizens, the public authorities can offer a public service of local and renewable energy supply at cost price.


Who are your customers?

Swiss municipalities, association of municipalities and public authorities.


What are the environmental benefits of your solution?

It harnesses all locally available sources of renewable energy for increased energy independence and resiliency at municipality scale, generating and taking advantage of synergies between infrastructures contributing to decarbonization.


How do you manage to exist on the market?

The Solution INNERGIA® has seen its first implementation occur in 2021. Supported by an exclusive partnership with the financing platform cosmofunding by Vontobel bank and by André Hoffmann’s family as a long-term shareholder of Innergia SA, it gained a recognition and a solid reputation in 2022 after tailored communication to both target customers and to a broader public audience. It is currently being implemented at 10+ key customers with project financing to occur in 2023. As shown by an increasing interest from the market (in-bound contacts from municipalities) Innergia is currently reaching a critical size.



Nominated solution: Solution INNERGIA®

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