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Sharing Platform
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How would you describe your solution in a few words?

Sharely empowers people to use more and own less. As a sharing platform, we simply connect people who own objects with people who need to use them.

Transactions are fully insured. Whether you’re looking to experiment a new sport or just have a one off sunday project you need a tool for, or would like to try an object before you buy it, anyone can have a reason to use instead of own.

Who are your customers?

  • on the owner side: any person or store that owns idle objects and would like to keep them in circulation, contributing to a more circular economy and generating a revenue.
  • on the user side: ANYONE who might prefer to use instead of own.



What are the environmental benefits of your solution?

We are saving resources by keeping objects in circulation. It was estimated by a LCA study that on average 88kg of CO2 are saved per transaction! The best is: the solution is infinitely scalable to all people, territories and object categories.

How do you manage to exist on the market?

We create win-win-win situations for owners, users and the planet. We have a profitable business model, transaction based, and we stand out to competition with a unique positioning and attractive brand!



Nominated Solution: Sharing Platform

Company: Sharely Schweiz SA

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