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Swiss Shrimps
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How do you describe your solution?

SwissShrimp operates a saltwater recirculation plant in Rheinfelden. The thermal energy required comes from the neighbouring saltworks. Organic shrimp feed is used as feed. The shrimp are only harvested to order and delivered fresh.




Who are your customers?

Gourmets who are interested in the background of a delicacy and have an affinity for Swiss quality production.

What are the environmental benefits of your solution?

A significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

From breeding to logistics to recycling of packaging – SwissShrimp is committed to treating animals and the environment with care. © SwissShrimp


How do you manage to survive on the market? 

SwissShrimp offers a delicacy that is unique in Switzerland. The already existing strong partnerships with the location partner (Schweizer Salinen AG) and the sales partners (Migros, Coop, Manor Food, gastronomy, etc.) form a high entry barrier for new competitors. To date, there are no new competitors in sight and we do not consider an import solution to be a threat.



Nominated solution: Schweizer Shrimps

Company: SwissShrimp AG

Further information:

The only Swiss company that produces shrimps sustainably and sells them exclusively fresh. In picture: Managing Director Rafael Waber (right) and Technical Director Michael Siragusa. © SwissShrimp