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Regli Energy Systems
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How would you describe your solution in a few words?

The NovaAir provides a sustainable, energy-efficient and easily integrable heating system for private households as well as commercial buildings.


Running on the natural refrigerant propane, instead of synthetic refrigerants its emissions are up to 700 times lower than those of conventional heat pumps. Compared to gas or oil heating 3500-4700kg CO2-equivalents can be saved annually – at half the yearly costs. This leads to huge savings over its 30 year lifetime.

Operating principle of the NovaAir air-source heat pump © Regli Energy Systems

The sophisticated software allows for great integration with technologies such as solar panels or SmartHome, while continuously improving energy efficiency. Even maintenance can be carried out remotely, thus saving further costs.

Who are your customers?

The NovaAir is predominantly installed at private residential buildings that want to replace their heating system. It works no matter the age or insulation of the building. With up to five units in a system even larger private and commercial buildings, such as offices can be serviced.



What are the environmental benefits of your solution?

Heat pumps use about ¾ environmental energy to produce heat with the remaining ¼ coming from electricity. By not burning fossil fuels, emissions are reduced significantly. With a very good ratio of electricity input to heating performance (top 10) the NovaAir requires even less power than most of its peers. This is particularly impactful when only brown energy is available.


But the NovaAir goes even further to reduce emissions. Unlike most heat pumps, it runs on a natural refrigerant that is up to 700 times less harmful than common alternatives – and it only uses about half the volume. Since heating systems run throughout the year for decades, the absolute savings in emissions are tremendous

How do you manage to exist on the market?

The NovaAir excels in terms of its low annual costs. With a top tier energy efficiency and low electricity prices relative to those of gas and oil, money can be saved for consumers every year which the heat pump is in operation. Customers with a time horizon beyond 5 years see these benefits soon.


But initial investment costs have proven to be a major concern for many customers, which is why we continuously aim to lower these by cutting our costs with rapid growth and expansion.


The iconic aluminum design and very low noise-profile further differentiate the NovaAir from the masses. This combination of economic, ecological and aesthetical properties make it unique and desirable on the market.



Nominated Solution: NovaAir

Company: Regli Energy Systems AG

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Julian Münzel, Co-Founder and CEO of Regli Energy Systems © Regli Energy Systems