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Large-scale forest landscape restoration carbon removal projects
Tree Global
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How would you describe your solution in a few words?

Tree Global is at the forefront in the fight against climate change. Our vision is to be a world-leading developer and implementer of forest landscape restoration projects financed through high value carbon removal credits.

Tree Global’s vision to create carbon projects that restore natural landscapes, protect biodiversity, create rural jobs, generate revenue for national governments, and create incomes for local communities.

Who are your customers?

Tree Global develops projects in forest landscapes that have been heavily degraded, with focus on forests with high carbon potential, such as in sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America. We finance these projects by providing high quality carbon removal credits to the carbon markets.



What are the environmental benefits of your solution?

The world i s losing 5 million hectares of primary rainforest every year and millions more hectares of secondary forests. As a consequence, climate change is accelerating, local populations are driven further into poverty, critical ecosystems are becoming unsustainable, and biodiversity is being lost at an alarming rate. To achieve the Paris Climate Agreement target of 1.5 C, by 2050 the world’s forested land needs to have expanded by at least 300 million hectares. Tree Global is restoring these degraded landscapes by planting high quality native species trees that will rejuvenate and bring life back to the lungs of the planet.

How do you manage to exist on the market?

Our unique competitive advantages include: agreements with African governments for the restoration rights to degraded landscapes totaling more than 2 million hectares; a ground breaking US$ 400 million project carbon finance agreement; proprietary growing technologies developed over 12 years to produce High Performance Tree Seedlings; proprietary IT systems for forest carbon modeling, land analysis and site selection, and project design & implementation; and a unique revenue sharing model in which communities and Governments participate in the revenues of the restoration projects, thereby driving both local economic development and forest sustainability.



Nominated solution: Large-scale forest landscape restoration carbon removal projects

Company: Tree Global SA

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Gregory Hess – Founder & CEO of Tree Global SA