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Textile Geothermal Probe
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How would you describe your solution in a few words?

The innovative textile geothermal probe consists of a round-woven hose with an inner silicone coating. The hose expands under pressure and clings to the borehole wall. The silicone used is food-safe and absolutely compatible with groundwater. Drinking water without chemical additives is used as the heat transfer fluid. Better heat exploitation avoids the risk of frost. The heat transfer fluid sinks in the gap between the outer hose and the central pipe, heats up and rises again in the latter. Hose lengths of up to 450 m are possible leading to an increased heat transfer.

Who are your customers?

Customers include private and public building owners, in particular those of properties in the area of aquifers. Since a large part of the settlement areas, especially in Switzerland, are located in areas with water-bearing subsoil, the potential is great.



What are the environmental benefits of your solution?

The use of geothermal energy replaces the burning of fossil fuels and can thus make a significant contribution to reducing CO2. The novel heat exchanger the efficiency by a factor of 3-4 compared to conventional systems. The CO2 reduction is calculated at approx. 11 T per well and year. In view of the current production possibilities of TTS INOVA AG, this results in an annual savings potential of approx. 1,100 tons of CO2.

How do you manage to exist on the market?

Market investigations promise a great need. Furthermore, the production process is unique and protected by patents. In terms of price, the novel system probe is absolutely competitive. It can also be installed where conventional probes are not permitted (groundwater protection). An essential aspect is the know-how advantage.



Nominated Solution: Textile Geothermal Probe

Company: TTS INOVA

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