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Innovative eco watch
ID Genève
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ID Genève watches are made from 100% recycled, locally sourced stainless steel and the straps are made from plant-based textiles. They always aim to minimize the product carbon footprint.



How would you describe your solution in a few words?

ID Genève is revolutionizing watchmaking with a commitment to sustainability and innovation. Our watches, crafted from 100% recycled and locally sourced stainless steel, are powered by refurbished movements. The straps are made from vegetal textiles and our design is modular and evolutive.


We prioritize short routes and respect for local production. Our after-sales service platform encourages extending the product’s life cycle to the maximum. Our research lab keeps our products at the forefront of circularity, influencing the watch industry.

Who are your customers?

Our project is designed for those who wish the future generations well and are eager to push their eco-responsible lifestyle a step further. We are not targeting a specific demographic, but anyone with an appreciation for watches and a desire to support a new economy.



What are the environmental benefits of your solution?

Our watches, made from 100% recycled steel remelted in a solar furnace, have a carbon footprint 165 times lower than average. Movements are sourced from unsold inventory and refurbished.


Our latest model uses recycled wind turbine fibers with a special resin, extending its life cycle to maximum when reheated at 100°C during one minute.


Straps are either made from biomaterials, FSC-certified natural rubber, free of petrochemicals and plastic. Packaging is 100% home-compostable, turning into plant fertilizer in 40 days.

How do you manage to exist on the market?

Breaking into the high-end watchmaking industry is challenging, but we’ve now secured our place. Our commitment to sustainability, collaboration and transparency sets us apart.


Our associates have played a key role in gaining visibility in an area we’re passionate about. The partnership with Watches of Switzerland in the UK and US is an example of our momentum.



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