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Futuricum E-Truck
Designwerk Products
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How would you describe your solution in a few words?

The question is not why you should upgrade your fleet to electric trucks. The question is: why shouldn’t you?


Our electric commercial vehicles demonstrate their worth day after day on the roads in recycling, construction, distribution, forestry and agricultural logistics. With significant energy and cost savings and greatly reduced noise and CO2 emissions, our 18 to 44-tonne trucks let you get ahead of your competitors: quietly, emission-free, economically and ecologically sustainable. Secure an innovative edge and set an example of social responsibility among employees and customers.

Who are your customers?

We offer our electric trucks for almost any application in different segments such as recycling, distribution, construction, agriculture and forestry logistics.



What are the environmental benefits of your solution?

With our electric commercial vehicles, a significant contribution can be made to the reduction of pollutant emissions. The environment, residents and employees are spared CO2 and noise. In addition, Futuricum vehicles enable rapid acceleration and the recovery of energy released during braking.

How do you manage to exist on the market?

Designwerk is the Swiss company whose electric vehicles have been in daily use by customers since 2017, proving that electromobility works in real-world applications.


Four electric motors provide the powerful drive. Thanks to linear torque, they deliver 680 hp of drive power directly and efficiently to the road. The battery systems designed in-house ensure short charging times, reliable energy supply even under the most intensive conditions and ranges of up to 500 kilometres.



Nominated Solution: Futuricum E-Truck

Company: Designwerk Products

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Founders Frank Loacker (left) and Tobias Wülser with their Futuricum, an electric truck based on Volvo © Dominique Meienberg