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How would you describe your solution in a few words?

The Mondaine watch essence is made from sustainable materials like castor compound, packaging made from rPET with 2nd use as a mobile phone pouch, assembled in the factory in Biberist with up to 80% PV electricity. This makes it arguably the most ecological watch worldwide, at a very reasonable price. As the world’s first brand, we have been offering watch recycling at its life end, since 2019.


The Mondaine brand, like the entire group with its 4 brands, has been comprehensively CO₂-neutral since 2020, scope 1,2 and 3 – as probably the only watch company in the world and is therefore also a model company for competitors. The unavoidable emissions are offset by compensation (reforestation)

Who are your customers?

Mondaine sells the watches worldwide, especially in Switzerland, Europe, the USA and Japan. Our direct target audience are people who prefer minimalistic, iconic and durable designs and for whom the climate issue as well as Swiss Made is an important topic.



What are the environmental benefits of your solution?

Our solution, both with the Mondaine essence, as well as the Mondaine brand and the entire group, reduces the footprint comprehensively and sustainably.


CO₂ neutrality with reforestation of unavoidable emissions by NPO’s, electricity thanks to the PV system on the factory roof, ongoing introduction of sustainable materials (organic, recycled), 3R measures and the achievement of various SDGs enables us to be at the forefront of ecology in our industry. We are demonstrating that an SME is capable of such achievements, as a pioneer for the watchmaking industry, hoping that others will also tackle ecology more comprehensively and not just produce a more sustainable strap or packaging, etc.

How do you manage to exist on the market?

As an SME, it is often difficult not to be pushed out by the big players at retail. Through a good selection of importers and their networking in the market, we have a good position, long-standing trust in the company and brand, durable products, iconic design, especially in the area of minimalist design, good quality, Swiss Made, and a leading position in ecology.


The online business, which we have been running in the USA for 8 years and in some other countries for 4 years, helps us to increase awareness. The CO2 neutrality should help us to be able to further increase the popularity, especially among environmentally friendly people



Nominated Solution: essence line

Company: Mondaine Watch Ltd.

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The siblings Ronnie and André Bernheim, owners of the Mondaine Group. © Mondaine Watch