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The AQUA4D® water treatment technology reduces water consumption, controls soil salinity and improves nutrient and fertilizer uptake by plants. With this method, AQUA4D® combats two challenges in agriculture: water shortage and soil degradation.



How would you describe your solution in a few words?

Through innovative water treatment, AQUA4D simultaneously addresses two of the major issues facing agriculture and the world: water scarcity and land degradation.


Active in 40+ countries since 2004, this precision Irrigation technology enables ultra-efficient water management, manages salinity, and boosts nutrient and fertilizer uptake – a regenerative approach to agriculture.

Who are your customers?

  • Corporate: Large corporations, companies and funds that may be involved in the primary production of agriculture or investing in this segment or compensating their water footprint
  • Agro-SME, cooperatives and other formal producer organizations
  • Farmers: Individuals, families, enterprises


What are the environmental benefits of your solution?

Across the world, agricultural cultivation is facing a variety of issues including: water scarcity, soil salinization, over-use of fertilizers, emissions associated with irrigation pumping, and land degradation. AQUA4D helps all these issues in a sustainable way:

  • Water and resources: Boosting water penetration and retention in soil, leading to average water savings of 30%.
  • Salinity management: AQUA4D simultaneously leaches away salts and even allows irrigation with saline/brackish water. Soil health and its biological life is dramatically improved.
  • Fertilizer efficiency: AQUA4D improves dissolution and hydration of minerals and fertilizers in irrigation water.

How do you manage to exist on the market?

While carbon has won most headlines in the past decades, water is in many ways the ‘new frontier’ in sustainability. An increasing number of countries are under water stress, but we also face a growing population. The key question is: how to feed a billion more people while using less resources, and without degrading our land? AQUA4D helps with all these, making it a compelling case both for business, food security and sustainable development.



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