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Financing solar systems
Solarify GmbH
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How do you describe your solution?

Private customers buy solar panels on Swiss roofs and receive a profit from the sale of the solar power every three months. Solarify takes care of the rest. This way, customers benefit from a steady increase in value. And don’t worry: the solar panels can be sold back to Solarify at any time.


Roof owners, typically municipalities, industrial companies, real estate companies or pension funds can use the Solarify model to make their properties more sustainable without any investment costs.


Solarify thus offers an innovative way to finance larger solar installations in Switzerland.




Who are your customers? 

On the one hand, Solarify’s customers are private individuals, even without a home of their own, who live in Switzerland and want to own solar panels profitably. On the other hand, they are roof owners of office buildings, public buildings and industrial plants who want to obtain their own and sustainable electricity.

 What are the environmental benefits of your solution?

  • Solarify wants to make a significant contribution to the energy transition in Switzerland by directly involving large parts of the population.
  • With its business model, Solarify finances new solar installations and contributes to the production of emission-free electricity.
  • The installation of each solar panel contributes to reducing the environmental impact of electricity production in the long term by saving CO2.
  • As the start-up scales up, the positive ecological effect grows accordingly.

How do you manage to survive on the market?

Solarify is the first Swiss company to develop a financially sustainable business model based on participatory financing for the construction of larger solar plants on Swiss roofs, thus contributing to the energy transition.


Our USP also allows us to compete against rival products from electricity providers. The interest of private customers is overwhelming.


Solarify has implemented targeted communication measures with trade fair appearances, newsletters, social media and media work. In particular, the SRF feature generated a lot of attention in German-speaking Switzerland.



Nominated Solution: Finanzierung von Solaranlagen

Company: Solarify GmbH

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“Everyone should be able to participate in and benefit from the energy transition. That’s what we believe in at Solarify.” – Founder and CEO Aurel Schmid (2nd from left) with his team (© Solarify)